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Reviews for Back to Healthcare Chiropractic

I am amazed by the friendliness of the staff, they seem to always be smiling and friendly with clients and others. I understand why this place was voted “South Bay’s Best.” It sure doesn’t feel like a boring old chiropractor’s office visit, nor does it seem so ominous now as to why and what is being worked on. The doctors were very informative about the human spinal cord and conveyed effectively the health benefits of getting chiropractic treatments, and not like medical jargon that gets lost in translation most of the time. I am happy and feel comfortable to come to this place for my treatments because I don’t feel judged and feel comfortable here. Thanks Dr. Brad, Dr. Brian and Dr. John! Also to the rest of the customer receptionist staff and Chris for always having a smile when I arrive!
~Grace L. (November 13/14)

You guys are all great! And you almost fixed my neck issue… And alleviated the severe pain I was in. … I’m sold on what you guys provide to your patients. Thanks again for not only stopping my pain but also for educating me on what was actually taking place within my own body and spine. Treatment always seems to work better when it makes sense to me.
~Alexis F. (September 9/14)

Love your staff and facility!! Made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.
~ Sarah L (Nov 14/13)

I was happy to be seen today. I still have pain but it is bearable whereas it was unbearable this morning.
~Judith S (Oct 29/13)

Staff was sincere in wanting to make sure the patient was taken care of from the time they opened the door until the time they left. Dr. Brad was amazing, great listening skills and bed side manner.

~ Reyna C (Sept 17/13)

Your staff was very friendly and attentive. I was greeted with a smile and a handshake by everyone. I was impressed with every aspect of my time spent at your facility today.

~ Michael W (Sept 9/13)

I always love when a receptionist is friendly because I believe it is one of the most important positions in running a business successfully! First impressions mean a lot and your receptionist was very friendly and helpful on the phone and meeting me at the first appointment. I found the entire staff to be friendly and welcoming as well.

~ India S (July 25/13)

God Bless this company to be on earth for the whole world to have peace in their lives while each person is being healed in mind body and soul. Back to Healthcare is for sure a blessing. They are all friendly, kind, gentle, knowledgeable, wisdom about making your health better, Your body move better and live a little longer with out pain. They talk to you while they do what they do and they let you know what they are about to do to you next. They made me an appointment at 9:30am I arrived early no problem they took me right in and before I could say boo, I was in and out by 9:45am. I am telling family and friends about this company this company makes you say, WOW!!!!! I am taking about this company every time, I leave there. Please keep up the great work that you all are doing. When a company worship that is getting to the heart of people. Worship makes you be a doer at pleasing God people. This company is a place I can work and love going to work. This company has a AAA in my book. I can go on an on an on, But I’ll stop here for now. Check them out please.

~ Wanda J (July 23/13)

This has been nothing but an incredible experience and I’m already feeling better, within a week of starting treatment.

~ Steven S (June 19/13)

So happy to have a new chiropractor that gets the adjustment just right

~ Gina C (June 4/13)

My fifteen year old son Jack and I had an amazing experience with our first visit – and hope to enjoy many more ! We appreciate it – and already he is so much better!!!

~ Jack R (May 21/13)

The staff is personable, professional, friendly and make you feel like you are part of their Back to Healthcare family. The facility itself is clean, comfortable, spacious and modern. When I arrived to schedule my first appointment, I was really impressed by the staff. During my tour, everyone I was introduced to along the way stopped what they were doing, came over and shook my hand. What a great first impression. The only comment I have is that once you get placed into an exam room, it takes longer than expected for a doctor or a nurse to come in and start the treatment. Overall, BTH has given me new hope that I will finally be able to achieve relief and strength after being in pain for the last four years. Thank you and I am truly looking forward to working with BTH on getting my life back.

~ Laura V (May 15/13)