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The Difference:

Since 1994, Back to Healthcare Chiropractic has been serving the residents of the South Bay with the highest standard of care in the profession. Below are 5 reasons why Back to Healthcare Chiropractic is completely different than the rest:

Dr. Brad Barez working with a new patient1. “We diagnose and treat the “cause of the problem, rather than only symptoms.”

Most healthcare providers are interested in temporary relief of symptoms. Most Medical Doctors will prescribe many different drugs and possibly surgery for most conditions. Other practitioners will temporarily work on symptoms using massages and acupuncture, only to have the symptoms keep coming back. We understand symptoms are warning signs of health and are very important. On the first visit, our Doctors and team are interested in finding the root cause of problems. When a patient treats the root cause of problems, symptoms go away faster, and tend not to reoccur. Our philosophy is, get better and stay better.

2. “We customize each patient’s treatment to their individual needs.”

Today, most Doctors are interested in “moving you on” as fast as they can. We will always listen to your real needs first, and then make your treatment plan according to your individual needs. If your insurance is limited or you don’t have any, we still make your goals a priority and your treatment affordable.

3. “The Daily Breeze Voters have voted us ‘South Bays Best Chiropractic Office’ for the past Decade.”

At our office, patients are known and treated as family. Since 2009, the Daily Breeze has voted Back to Healthcare Chiropractic, “South Bay’s Best Chiropractic Office.” We appreciate and love each and every one of our patients/family members at Back to Healthcare.
Back to Healthcare Chiropractic Awards

4. “We specialize in correction and prevention, rather than temporary relief.”

Back to Healthcare Chiropractic ReviewMost healthcare practitioners are giving patients temporary relief. We recognize most symptoms are the body’s natural alarm system. These alarms allow us to know something is wrong. First, we identify what’s causing symptoms and determine if we can help you. (If we can’t help you, we will refer you to the best practitioner for your condition.)

Next, we systematically treat the cause of the problem and focus on long-term correction, rather than short-term relief. A large majority of our patients are very healthy-minded, and they love preventing problems rather than waiting for them to arise. We have designed a limited wellness program for our healthy-minded patients, which allows them to live to their potential. This wellness program focuses on keeping the nervous system healthy using Chiropractic care, special stretching exercises, and postural exercises.

5. “We are trusted by the majority of the professional and amateur athletes of the South Bay.”

Entering our office, you will notice the many written testimonies of professional football, volleyball, baseball and various other athletes on the walls. We customized treatments for quick and natural pain relief, but more so to increase strength, endurance, and reflexes that would help to enhance their athletic performance. The same treatments our athletes receive are given to all our patients.

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