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Why Redondo Beach Area Athletes Love Us

At Back to Healthcare Chiropractic athletes are seeking treatment not only for fast pain relief, but also to correct, strengthen, and prevent injuries from returning. The most important benefit athletes seek our service is to OPTIMIZE their performance.

Can we optimize Your Performance?

Dr. Barez with Oakland Raiders

Dr. Barez with Oakland Raiders Mike Jones #52, Aundray Bruce #99 and James Trapp #37

To explain how to optimize performance, each athlete has to understand how the nervous system controls and coordinates all reflexes, endurance, strength and coordination of body function. Our unique treatment works with the nervous system to enhance optimal performance. Our techniques are known as an art, science and philosophy of knowledge.

Our modern techniques combine chiropractic, physical therapy and functional rehabilitation to achieve optimal results with all our athletes. We understand that all athletes are different which requires us to individualize each treatment for specific needs.

Our Reference List of Athletes Include:

Olympic Athletes, Professional Athletes from the NFL, LPGA, MLS, MLB, WPGA, AVP, WPVA, Professional Body Building, Professional and Amateur Gymnastics, Professional and Amateur Ultimate Challenge Fighting, and many College and High school Athletes. (Please see our wall of fame in our office for many more References)

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your athletic performance and avoid future injuries.

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