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How to treat Sciatica or Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatica or known as leg pain. This could ruin your day or even future if not treated correctly. Since 1994, Back to Healthcare Chiropractic has been successfully


Sciatic Leg Pain

treating sciatica or sciatic nerve pain. We find the most important part to treatment is find out whatsthe cause of the sciatica. There are three major parts to finding out:

  1. Give a good and accurate history of the sciatica. For example, whats causing the pain? This will tell our Chiropractors what could be causing the pain.
  2. Have a good examination of the injured area. This is very important and a good Chiropractor will usually be narrowing down the diagnose of whats causing the sciatica by now.
  3. An digital xray of the sciatic region, which includes the hips and lumbar spine.

All three of these elements are vey important to diagnosing the cause of the sciatica. Once the origin of the sciatica is found a treatment plan is made for the patient. Here everyone is slightly different due to the age of the patient, the age of the problem, and the severity of nerve compression. In the last 23 years of practice nearly 100% of all sciatica at are office was cured. The sciatica pain that is not cured is usually do to the patient not complying with treatment protocols, such a home stretch, or new ergonomic set ups. If your interested in getting your sciatic pain examined use our new patient offer . This offer is just for new patients and it allows us to determine if we can help you. If you would rather call us at 310-371-3134, we will get you scheduled usually with 24 hours for an exam and treatment if needed. We hope to see you soon, if needed.

Dr. Brad Barez

CEO, Back to Helathcare Chiropractic

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