Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had severe pain in all movements, sleeping impaired, severe muscle spasms. At the end of the program I felt 100% improvement. My back is stronger and feels ‘stable’. I am again excercising and continue with the strenghening program without pain."

- Linda L.

"I was in tremendous pain in my back, legs, and rear. I couldn’t even sit without pain. Sleep was impossible. I was like an invalid. My improvement was miraculous. I can walk straight, nerves don’t cause ‘needles’ in my legs and back. I sleep well at night. No operation."

- David A.

"Severe neck pain, radiating down both arms. Tingling of both arms, severe headaches. 100% percent improvement. I went from not being able to dress myself or shower myself to weight lifting and aerobics. I improved not only in my physical body but also my knowledge relating to signs and symptoms about my illness."

- Amy L.

"I came in with little or no neck movement. I now have no problems what so ever with my neck."

- Patrick T.

"I had dizziness and headaches over a long period of time. Amazing! Absolutely fantastic! Dizziness improved after one visit and did not return. Headaches improved after two visits. I feel much better, no pain, clear vision and loads more energy than before."

- Marilyn H.

"I was having headaches, stessed out and PMS symptoms. Overall I am feeling much better. My headaches have been reduced. I am less stressed and irritated."

- Laura P.

"I was in a car accident. With prayer and Brad’s help, I am physically, spiritually, and mentally a lot better. I’ve gone through a lot in nine months, but with Brad my healing came sooner than I could ever have imagined. I was in bad shape before coming to this office."

- Debbie L.

"I had lower back pain which extended to my toes, neck pain, headaches, hip pain, and knee pain. I feel like running! I’ve had three strokes (1996) and now I walk, sit and sleep with no pain. The treatment I received at this office is the most professional pain free/pain relieving, warm and caring. I’ve been treated by many doctors in many offices. This office is the best!"

- Arnese C.

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