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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Brad Barez

True South Bay Native

PJ] Chiropractor, Dr. Brad Barez

Dr. Brad Barez

My name is Doctor Brad Barez. I was born in the Little Company of Mary Hospital, and raised in Palos Verdes, California. In other words, I’m a true South Bay Native. I grew up in Physical Therapy offices watching my mom get patients better. She was the one who inspired me to become who I am today.

Becoming the Best Doctor of Chiropractic

I was raised with two brothers playing and competing in all types of sports. In high school I lettered in three sports and had inspiring dreams of becoming a professional athlete. My inspiring dreams suddenly came crashing down when I was involved in a football injury involving my lower spine. Some doctors said, “I would never run again.” This is where my life took its change. Instead of choosing “the recommended” surgical approach, I received a combination of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. Inside three months, I was not only running, but I ran the Palos Verdes Marathon. This is where I decided to passionately follow in my family footsteps and become the best Doctor of Chiropractic I could possibly become.more about Dr. Barez…

Committed to Helping Patients

I am committed to helping patients get better and improve their overall well being. That commitment has only increased over my years in practice. I started practice with the idea of treating only elite athletes. However, within time I fell in love with “family practice” and helping the ones, who need to work, walk, sleep, and function in life without pain limitation. I still treat the high level athletes, but I am now commented to much more. In the past few years I’ve taken a joy in helping the very unfortunate people of our world. I’ve formed a partnership with various doctors around the country who travel to places such as Sri Lanka, India, Peru, Bolivia, and other countries where our treatment changes lives. Also, we’ve formed relationships with organizations around the world where our contributions make a huge difference.

The Back to Healthcare Difference

When you come to our office, you will see the Back to Healthcare difference. We are committed to much more than getting patients out of pain. We are committed to educating patients on natural solutions for a lifetime of wellness. If you haven’t experienced our methods of treatment, don’t miss out. We pride our office on affordable care, being on time, and giving “the Best” quality of natural treatment for your condition. (Recently, the local residents voted our office “South Bays Best Chiropractic Office 2009. August 2009 Daily Breeze) I’m looking forward to personally meeting you. Contact Us today, you won’t be sorry. 310-371-3134


Dr. Brian Shockney

Torrance Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Shockney

Dr. Brian Shockney

My name is Dr. Brian Shockney. I was born at Long Beach Memorial Hospital and raised in Long Beach, CA. I live in the same house I grew up in and I went to the same elementary school, middle school and high school as my father and siblings, so you know I have my roots firmly planted in Southern California. I grew up playing sports and since elementary school had dreams of becoming a doctor and working with athletes. Naturally, my first aspirations were to become an orthopedic surgeon. Over time my ideals began to change and I wanted to work with the body more holistically and naturally. This is when I was drawn to chiropractic.more about Dr. Shockney…

One of the driving forces behind my change was that my mother had Multiple Sclerosis and the medications she was prescribed were not helping her. I wanted to start helping her and others without the use of drugs and ultimately releasing the nerve interference in the body. This what I now get to do everyday and I love every minute of it. At our office we are able to help patients from every walk of life and a very diverse age range by simple taking pressure off of their nerves so that their bodies can heal themselves. This also allows our patients to, “feel better, move better, and live better.”


Dr. Tsukasa Ishihara


Dr. Ishihara

I was born and raised in a small city in Japan enjoying the Japanese culture and language. My father was a traditional Japanese Chiropractor and helped many patients throughout the years. This inspired me to be a Doctor just like him. During my teenage years, I went to school in Hawaii and I fell in love with the American people and all it has to offer.  I went to college in the United States and studied biology. After graduating undergraduate, I went to Chiropractic School in Los Angeles California graduating in 1998.

I really enjoy all outdoors activity, especially beach volleyball. More importantly, I love to keep myself healthy, and believe in the holistic healthy lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve studied and specialize in longevity and wellness. My style of treatment focuses on living the best life your made to live without resection. When you at the office, make sure you say you introduce yourself to me, and say hello.

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